303Welcome to my fitness and nutrition journal. This is a place for me to post my daily workouts and nutrition logs in order to keep myself motivated to exercise and eat well. I am going to Thailand in April 2013 and will be trying Thai Boxing as a 50th birthday present to my self so will be training hard and eating well. I will be sharing with you the results of my fitness routines and diet experiments. I’ll share my thoughts on what’s working and what’s not. I am by no means an expert and I do not hold any dietary or fitness qualifications.

I use exercise and body weight workout regimens that mostly don’t require any weights. All of these exercises can be performed without a gym, at your local park or in your own backyard. I will be concentrating on how to get the most out of my own body weight, the most valuable weight I have. I will have videos featuring weighted exercises, using dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells but I will try and focus on the ones without.

Please select a category from the drop down box on the right to see how I’m progressing.

Why bt3.co.uk, well its only 9 characters for me and others to type including the dots, google.com is 10! Its also pretty easy to remember.

Warmest regards.

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