We had booked a coach for the journey from Mandalay to to Bagan. Our initial thoughts had been to book a boat down the Irrawaddy river but on arrival in Mandalay bus station I booked the trip on to Bagan while we were there. In the meantime we have changed our minds and decided to stick with the original plan. So this morning we got a lift down to the river and booked the boat. It takes twice as long as the bus and and is three times as expensive but we can have a laid back few hours away from the noise and the hustle and bustle that up until now has been Myanmar.

Mandalay motorbike taxi

Our lift to and from booking the boat to Mandalay.

On the way back from booking the boat our driver suggested we stop off at a monastery. Entrance was free and while we were wondering around an old monk came to us and using hand gestures asked us to follow him. He showed us around the central building of the monastery and pointed out interesting things for us to photograph. While we were there I made a small donation to help with the upkeep of the monastery, the monk then beckoned us over to a small bell and handed me a piece of wood and told me to strike the bell three times. He the handed the wood to Tracy and she did the same.

Striking a bell in a Mandalay monestry

Kev striking a bell in a Mandalay monastery.

When the monk had done showing us around he shook my hand, pointed us in the direction of the exit and walked off.

The journey to Bagan was pretty uneventful apart from the dead body floating in the river, I only caught a glimpse of the bloated corpse but a couple of girls on the trip saw it clearly and Tracy certainly smelled it but nobody pretty much batted an eyelid!

When we got to Bagan I realised I had forgotten to book our accomodation, actually I had booked it but the confirmation email didn’t arrive until around 9:30pm.

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