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tbkfitnessThere are many bodyweight exercise books out there and many are full of false promises, exaggerated claims, pressure sales tactics and marketing nonsense written by self proclaimed “Internet Gurus” who have no real expertise whatsoever, so, how does the TBK Fitness Program measure up against far more hyped and expensive bodyweight books.

Tamir B. Katz is a practicing doctor, a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine. he attended college at Cornell University, majoring in biology. He has been studying different diet and exercise systems through books, journal articles, and practical experience since 1993. Dr Katz says in the TBK Fitness Program however, “I don’t expect any of you to take my word blindly. Educate yourselves. Read the suggested articles and books on my Recommended Reading section. Do your own research. Always question the rationale and the evidence behind any diet or exercise program you follow.” There aren’t many bodyweight books out there written by a practicing doctor.

* Diet – 82 pages
* Exercise Program – over 60 exercises, 13 ‘Core Routines’
* Why diet, exercise & smoking cessations fail
* Advice for healthy living
* Bibliography

The diet part of the TBK Fitness Program is about the the paleo diet, a way of eating in the modern age that best mimics the nutrition of our evolutionary and genetic heritage – the ancestral, Paleolithic diet. For millions of years our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate combinations of lean meat, seafood, plants, fruit, and nuts. The theory is that man’s ideal diet is that of a hunter-gatherer, and that our digestive systems have not evolved to digest modern processed foods and that modern diets are responsible for modern ailments like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The bodyweight part of the TBK Fitness Program has over 60 different bodyweight exercises of varying difficulty targeting all of the muscles in the body many of which can be performed without any equipment (exceptions would be chins, dips and pushups between chairs – all which require equipment but can be improvised easily). Calisthenics isn’t rocket science and Dr Katz doesn’t feed you any bullshit about ‘turning you into a russian spetznas over night’. Dr Katz lays out the many advantages of bodyweight training (cost, time, safety etc.) there are no false promises or exaggerated claims about it being absolutely the best way to get big and strong.

The exercises themselves are a mix of basic PT (running on the spot, star jumps etc), calisthenics, yoga positions and self resistance exercises.

The routines themselves are pretty simple and to be trained 5-6 days a week many are to be interspersed with wind sprints. Dr Katz doesn’t like jogging, most aerobic exercise machines or excessively high reps as he feels you may get a repetitive strain injury.

For a bodyweight proponent Dr Katz isn’t anti weightlifting and recognizes that weights are good for some things however, he recommends you choose useful exercises that work many muscles at the same time, exercises such as cleans, snatches, jerks, presses, squats, and deadlifts, using barbells, dumbbells, or sandbags.

The third part of the TBK Fitness Program is a look at Why Diet, Exercise, and Smoking Cessation Programs Fail and What to Do About it, including 4 steps you can take to ensure long term success in implementing your own fitness program.

The fourth part is Advice for Healthy Living based on the latest scientific research, information on stress management and preventive medicine, recommendations on vitamin and supplement use, and the final part of the TBK Fitness Program is a comprehensive bibliography of all of the articles and books used in coming up with the information for the program so that you can read up and educate yourself.

Overall the book is very well written and well thought out. Has a lot, if not more content than many bodyweight exercise books. Takes a pragmatic approach to diet and realizes that you may not always be as strict as you’d like. The illustrations are a little “primitive” and could be better but its good hype free and cheap training book written by a doctor. The TBK Fitness Program is available from amazon.

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