Gymboss Timer

by Harry on March 12, 2017

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gymboss timer

The gymboss timer is a small easy to use timer that I keep in my travel bag and is one of the best pieces of training equipment that I own. I use the gymboss timer whenever I do a timed workout.
You can set the gymboss timer to beep, to vibrate, or to do both when the interval is up.
There’s a dual timer function that allows you to set different work/rest periods, which I use for timed intervals, jump rope, shadowboxing and tabata intervals. It also has a single timer that can be used for general physical preparedness workouts, minute drills, fight gone bad style workouts, or anything where you need to rotate exercises at a set time.
There’s also manual mode, which counts down from a set time – perfect for AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workouts where you’re working for a predetermined time period.
All in all a versatile piece of training equipment I wouldn’t be without. AAA battery included. The gymboss timer is available from

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