art of strength

This evenings workout was the Art of Strength Providence Kettlebell workout. I love this Kettlebell workout although I really should put together more of my own. For this workout I use a 16kg a 20kg and a 24kg kettlebell.

The workout is broken into fourteen 2-minute rounds with 1-minute breaks between each round.

The workout starts with a joint mobility warmup and then gets into the workout.

Here’s a list of the exercises in each round:

1. 2-handed swing, one arm swing, hand-to-hand swing

2. Cleans (yes, just two minutes of cleans with the 24kg kettlebell)

3. Chest presses

4. Squats and sumo dead lifts

5. One leg dead lift

6. Windmills into overhead squats

7. Clean and press

8. Flip and squat

9. Tactical lunges

10. Triple crush (neat little bicep/tricep exercise)

11. Sling shot into a figure 8 with a static hold

12. Seated press

13. One arm row

14. Pullovers, Russian twists, Sicilian crunch

Plus a three-minute bonus round of snatches. (I generally vary the exercise I do)

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